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The Blog Boss Experience

  • Detroit, MI United States (map)

A workshop to help you become a poppin' Blogger! 


What's up beautiful peoople! This is an event that has been on my mind and I am excited to get it poppin'. When I first started blogging, it was a guessing game! There was so much that I had to figure out on my own. As a learning tool, I looked to other youtubers for inspiration and tips. I loved creating videos about my hair and it grew into something more. As my brand started grow, I begin to work with companies and realized that this could be something could do full-time! If this sounds like you or you can relate, I invite you to attend The Blog Boss Experiance.


Mark you calendars for July 15,2017! Held in Metro Detroit this event is designed to elevate aspiring and active bloggers who need inspiration or that extra push to get their content flowing and growing. 

Workshop Sessions:

  • Poppin' Images 101- flay lays, imagery, selfies, posing, best photo editing apps

Imagery is important because it captures the eye, creates a story, and sets the mood. You want your content to be inviting for your audience and brands. In blogging, it's important to have high quallity images In this workshop we will create clear, crisps, and professional looking images for you blog, social media platform. You will be given items to help you master the art of flatlays.

  • Youtube Filming basics- backgroud set up, editing, lighting

Lights, camera, action! In filming there are a few things needed to create the ideal space. You want your videos to be engaging and unique to you and your filming set-up can bring it to life.

  • Social Media Presence- esthetics, color scheme, main message, scheduling your posts, product placement 

Everyone is on social media at this point (even your grandma)! Having a social media matters because it allows people to get to know you and for the brands notice you as well. Figuring out the color scheme and theme of your page provides consistency and helps you to stand out. In this session we will be talking about scheduling your post, narrowring down your theme, and learning the insights on all the latest social media trends. 

  • Sponsorships 201- the importance of a media kit, formating your emails professionally, creating relationships with brands

It's all about the Benjamins baby! After getting your page poppin' and your videos flowing, it's time to create the perfect pitch. You want to make sure when pitching yourself that you have ALLLLLLLLLLL your ducks in a row. You want to show WHY you are worth the investment. Creating a solid media kit (just like a resumé) and a perfect pitch will make these companies take you seriously. In these session you will be creating a first draft of your media kit or improving upon one you already have. You will also get email templates that shows you what to say and when to say it when pitching.




HAVE QUESTIONS??? Maybe the information below can help!

Is food provided?

There will be light refreshments and breakfast provided in the morning. Lunch will be served as well.

*Please let me know if you have food allergies

 Can I get a refund?

Refund will be provided if the event is canceled. 

How much is the event?


Why does is cost this much?

I know, I know! Alot right? It's so much more that what you think! You will NOT only be recieving knowledge but you will also walk away with ready to use flatlays, images, fully loaded lifestyle boxes, scheduled content, a roldex of local vendor in the area, and a group of new friends to collborate with!

What do I need to bring?

In order to be the most out of this experiance you MUST bring/download:

Camera (phone if you don't have camera)




Favorite IG theme



Mode IV

Items for your personal flatlay during the Poppin' Images 101 session:  jewelry, magazine, sunglasses, passport, makeup (brushes, lipstick, etc), favorite book, perfume, etc...